Via della Chiusa, 59, Bolsena (VT) - TEL: 3282881506


The Battaglini Farmhouse in Bolsena will allow you to discover the typical dishes of Tuscia and ancient culinary traditions. Here's what to eat and drink in Bolsena.

To the volcanic nature of the lake, the surrounding area is very fertile field where, since several years ago, the Battaglini Company gives us typical products of great quality. In Bolsena you can try one of the best olive oil, and also honey, jams and the famous Est! East!! East!!! DOC vine. The climate here guarantees hi quality fruits and vegetables.

All this without forget the many varieties of meat and fish that you can taste. Do not miss the fish soup, the Sbrocia, hand made pasta, succulent dishes of Persian whitefish, Pike or Eel. We then recommend the stew, lamb or veal, wild boar and the inevitable chops, pork rinds and pork sausages.

Here are the traditional dishes of Bolsena Lake. If you want to buy local products, genuine and organic, such as oil, wine, honey and more, visit the official website of Battaglini Oil Mill

First dishes

  • Soups Sbroscia (fish), Scafata (legumes) or Acquacotta
  • Fresh Pasta Lombrichelli, Gnocchi, Pappardelle with hare sauce, rabbit or mushrooms

Second Course

  • Fish Perch fillets, Grilled Whitefish, Pike of Bolsena, Anguilla with Vernaccia
  • Meat Stew of veal and lamb, sausages and pork rinds, boar

Typical Products

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil With olives grown on the lakeshore
  • Est! Est!! Est!!! wine Famous and antique white wine
  • Honey, Jams... With only natural ingredients